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Cranium Command HQ was by far the most busiest organisation ever to exist on the planet, and for one main reason: the many members in participation were given a very important task ever existent: for every person the cadet is behind the wheel of, each cranium commando has to ensure that their host runs smoothly, and to balance and negotiate with their allies - the body crew, whose job is to manage the body's organs - and to ensure the host's body runs smoothly around the clock.

But a lot of interesting changes were happening around the organisation, and especially with regards to many new alliances and divisions formed between new volunteers and groups outside HQ. For years, the Left and Right Brain divisions were running things on their own – the left dealing with logical matters, and the right with imaginative matters separately, before their brave decision to handle each other's matters as a united team. And soon, word of some new volunteer groups asking for the help of the Cranium Commandos began to spread through HQ's internal communications. It happened ever so quickly, and especially in the progression of the organisation, year after year.

Which brings to the story of one of the most successful programs to be ever run by the Cranium Commando's organisation, aimed at teaching younger recruits how to safely make it through the ranks (and if they choose to leave, at least have the necessary administration skills to make it through life.) The classes were a lot like your typical classes you would find at your school, but they were tailored to the organisation's prime objective - to pilot the most complicated craft ever existent - the human brain (or at most, the brain of at least any other creature.)

Of the youngest cadets to have ever gotten involved in the goings on amongst the ranks, Captain Buzzy, for lack of a better phrase, wasn't necessarily the brightest nerve cell to have around. But ever since his accidental stumbling into the ranks, and especially his first ever crash course into piloting the brain, and helping his host, Bobby, get through a day of school as safe and sane as possible (with hilarious results ensuing). The fact that Buzzy surprisingly succeeded in piloting the brain without any hiccups - and especially learning the most important lesson in piloting the brain - to "use your head, not lose your head" - finally gave Buzzy the much needed respect and faith amongst the rest of the crew - and especially the classmates around his age - the 'neural military brats' as the cadets commonly referred to them.

Years have passed since Buzzy's fateful mission, and in those years, the hardscrabble-turned-genius recruit has surprisingly gained lots of experience within the numerous fields of piloting the brain. Now, Cadet Buzzy has just matured into his teens, and with that his knowledge of keeping the brain-body balance in check stuck with him... of course the odd mistake had to happen to a cadet at times, but that hasn't stopped the professional cadet any time soon. Of course, since his graduation from the Cranium Command corps, pretty soon everybody wanted some advice from the cadet that was once a little rookie stumbling to walk in his own boots in between missions. In this case, he did some training in delivering lectures and demonstrations towards the younger recruits destined for the brain's controls.

So it was that one day that the young teen prodigy, present in his usual cadet uniform - his khaki green shirt and cargo pants, his leather brown aviator jacket, and his cap and black headset. He still had his round eyeglasses, but the frames were almost non existent - anyone who would have seen him face to face would have noticed that he had only the lenses visible, joined together with a little clear cushion, balancing them perfectly on his nose. Captain Buzzy appeared very much like the other cadets, but the news he was about to receive was definitely unlike what he was about to hear before...

In came Cadet Cherie, the woman cadet from his other class, with the sleek black hair tied in a ponytail and draped around her shoulder akin to a scarf (much handy during winter!), and throughout much of Buzzy's life, she served as not just Buzzy's strong sister figure, but if romance permits, she was probably the love interest for the teen prodigy in question. Unexpectedly, Cadet Cherie bumped splat bang against Cadet Buzzy, almost shifting him backwards, but fortunately years of agility training meant that Buzzy was able to hit the floor rolling, and fortunately back onto his feet within less than a second.

Cadet Cherie immediately took a step back, astonished, and all of a sudden, becoming apologetic for the accidental collision. "Sorry," she apologised, flustered and almost worried for the other cadet right in front of her. Fortunately Cadet Buzzy was lucky to remain balanced on both his feet, even if he was bound to fall over backwards once again, as is the case in his elementary school years.

"It's fine, Cadet Cherie," the spectacled cadet replied, straightening his borderless lens and finally replying with a smile, trying to save embarrassment in front of his fellow cadet. “I'm glad that years of training had just helped me on my feet… lucky the General wasn't watching!”

“Indeed so,” Cadet Cherie remarked, and especially agreeing with Buzzy’s comment of the General’s absence. After all throughout his training, Buzzy was not necessarily the brightest neuron in the system, so to speak. Oftentimes he would stumble through the obstacle course, or even worse, end up the mark of the numerous practical jokes held by his other classmates. “You seem very ingrained with your studies, Buzzy.”

That struck a relatable chord with Cadet Buzzy, especially at his age when the average cadet would usually study the core subjects necessary for the job… anatomical structures and crew, the numerous functions of the brain and how to coordinate each and every one of them, and practically experience with the development and knowledge of humans (after all, one day Buzzy will have to deal with plenty of information sifting through the brain from the body crew.) “Yup, as the usual,” he chirped, trying to hide his exhausted self from his usual tired after-expression from such stretches of studying and training. “Putting in extra hours in fine motor coordination and reflex detection, in fact,” Cadet Buzzy even put on a sheepish, yet confident smile, to add to his confident image.

“I see, you even put away extra hours of sleep over that,” Cadet Cherie assumed, with a slight giggle and smirk. “I just passed the major muscle group control test, and you should have been here to see it. But regulations…”

“Congratulations on your pass!” The flustered yet optimistic boy cadet responded, surprised by how well she did on the test. The fact that like most cadets their age, it was common regulation to scramble individual students into different classes in the event of a test, hopefully to impede and shatter the corrupt cheating rings that previously extorted the less experienced students from succeeding. In short, Cadet Buzzy benefited greatly, even if other students he knew very well were not with him.

Both cadets began their routine trek towards their designated classroom, as they happily and rhythmically paced down the corridor, their footsteps practically radiating their energetic and optimistic approach. Cadet Cherie still had bigger news to break towards her companion-in-class, and decided to let Cadet Buzzy know about it along the way.

“I’m sure you’re wondering how come they put you on extended study,” Cadet Cherie began, “since your last operations behind the wheel of Host Bobby months ago.”

“Well, I was,” Cadet Buzzy confessed, as he adjusted his earpieces to ensure they stayed on his ears. Technology in the ranks adapted quite quickly as the cadets grew in age and experience, hence he was wearing a more compact, wireless earphone set, almost hidden from view had the ranks allowed him to have much longer hair. “I kind of miss being behind the wheel of Bobby, he’s almost up to his 16th birthday, and I hope nothing terrible had happened to him during my absence.”

“Yes, I know,” Cadet Cherie reassured, her hand on Cadet Buzzy’s jacketed shoulder, gesturing him to look on the optimistic side of things. “How are things going with the Right Brain department?”

The Right Brain department, why yes! Cadet Buzzy finally remembered the numerous extracurricular jobs he did between his studies, and everyone at HQ, cadets to body crew, knew that the Right Brain were very dominant masters in imagination and creativity, innovation and emotions. And Cadet Buzzy was sure of that, but given the fact he wasn’t necessarily skilled very much amongst the ranks, this probably meant that he wasn’t necessarily up to scratch with working on and off the Right Brain crew in some areas.

“They’d probably let me back in, would they?” Cadet Buzzy pondered, but before Cadet Cherie could deliver an answer, a stranger’s hand grabbed Cadet Buzzy by the scruff of his aviator jacket. Buzzy gave off a shocked Yelp as he came to an interrupted stop, and he turned around to meet eye to eye with a taller, more built and more serious, black haired, Cranium Commando cadet - Cadet Hermaggio… While she appeared a little like Cadet Sicto, the smartest and most experienced of the Elite Dolphin Crew Corps, her hair hung down as a bob cut, starting at the cheeks, before hanging down longer in length like a lion’s mane. Cadet Hermaggio also bore spectacles, much more squat and rectangular compared to Buzzy’s, and her reputation… Well, she was no-nonsense like the Left Brain’s numerous crew, but her upbringing in the Immunity Leukocyte Training Corps meant that she was feared amongst some members of the pack, give or take a few. And goodness, did she shake some sense back into Cadet Buzzy right there and then.

"Not since the incident at the Right Brain zoo," Cadet Hermaggio reminded the bumbling teen cadet. Cadet Buzzy knew all too well about the time he volunteered at the imaginative creatures zoo, administered by the right brain, and he accidentally released one of the creatures. But the creature in question - some cadets recognising it as some "cubist organism" - didn't cause havoc, but briefly adopted Cadet Buzzy as a possible friend... oh how Buzzy reacted in utter humility.

“I remember that, Cadet Hermaggio,” Cadet Buzzy submissively whimpered, still startled by both Cadet Hermaggio’s abrupt stop, as well as the memory. “That little creature was fun to look after, but he did anger the General when I accidentally let him escape… I’m very lucky he did adopt me…” Of course he sighed, missing the countless minutes he spent with the temporary pet before handing him back to the Right Brain zoo… “I loved sharing squad issue dinners with him…”

The older cadet didn’t want any of it… “Don’t get into sentimentals as of yet,” Cadet Hermaggio warned, shaking some sense back into Buzzy. “Your experience in interacting with the Right Brain crew - for better or for worse…” she backed away a little, hopefully not planning to intimidate the younger cadets, “you’re going to have to interact with a whole new crew. This is why your closest cadetmate brought you here.”

Cadet Cherie remained speechless, as she paused to blink at the older Hermaggio, then the startled Buzzy, and then back at the older cadet. “You beat me to it,” she admitted, even wondering if Cadet Hermaggio carried a sixth sense with her. “Let’s say the Right Brain crew has some new recruits, you sure want to meet them?”

New recruits? Goodness, this meant lots of opportunities for Cadet Buzzy to make new friends! But he paused, in a cautious state of worry, even wondering if perhaps new friends would be a good idea, and particularly if a social life would uproot his studying record.

“I’m sure, I guess,” Cadet Buzzy accepted, of course he did manage to contain his worry, deciding to stay joyful and excited in response to the news. “I hope they will be of great help!”
After a long delay, here's the latest fan fiction on our fellow Cranium Commando Buzzy! After years of training, Cadet Buzzy has been given a new opportunity to work in a new field possible, with new workmates. Who are they? Watch this space for more!

[This fanfic will be updated as more material is added. Please standby]

Cranium Command - © Disney
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