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ANd as you all have not seen coming, I recently got braces installed as part of an impromptu New Years resolution. Before that, two pairs of extractions to make room for the orthodontic operation. And trust me, years of wax, painkillers and love for iced smoothies haven’t prepared me for what’s to come.

In short, the extractions of four vestigial premolars were okay, but then came the tooth socket nerves pitching a protest on their missing teeth. And for those who are too familia with dry socket... ugh. The taste of anguish well summarised. Fortunately dressings with clove solution were added and everything’s healing smoothly, I hope.

Brace installation went smoothly, and despite the jaw pressure, lets say the way to bypass problems is through the stomach, and once braces come on, so do the tendency to get excited fo mashed potatoes and soft cheeseburgers. But so does the tendency of pinching, plus wondering how much wax you’re going to go through, and also, extra brushing while the sockets are still beginning to heal. And that dreaded wire arch. Oh, the party pooper of orthodontics that prevents the sucking and savouring of most things.

But of course, had you picked up how to brush twice a day at 6th grade level, there’s a chance that keeping the impromptu Christmas present - shiny braces - intact for a long time, will definitely begin to be the struggle to cap all struggles.

Don’t worry, I’m not silenced forever. There may be some submissions, yes. But due to increased sick days from jaw pressure and ow ow ow ahead, well, there will be delays. But anyone who’s on the same boat as I’m beginning to board, well, two words...

”It’s on!”

With foamy huggles,

PS: Ow.
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This happened more than a week ago and I’m slowly recovering from the shock. So, for those who are investigating me for my misdeeds, here goes...

A lot is currently on my shoulders at the moment. Although things on DevArt are doing quite fine, there are 5 characters that would definitely trigger a Marmite moment. And yes this website is too infamous to mention.

For mercy and to reduce retaliation potential, I won’t link to the discussion (if you search “rabidleroy Twipsy” and scroll far enough, you’ll find it archived), but let’s say all went well in a discussion on Twipsy (all went well), and then it derailed into a potential witch hunting. Having some fanart categorised under “terrible” just doesn’t do justice. Having the label ‘obsessive’ is a blow to the face (I assure you, during my studies I am doing well, and preparing for them next year). And being accused of ‘scaring away a potential fanbase’ for an interaction gone wrong just is a kick to the jewels.

All for an attempt to offer support to only a user showing interest so far. So far I stayed apart, for fear that my attempts to apologise are interpreted as infiltration attempts as stalkers do. But honestly, a stalker I am not. And looking back at that one little mistake I made, I realised that i just f:censored:ed up. So to whoever I wronged for an offering of support now interpreted as ‘stalker tactics’, I apologise with white flag unfurled, and have no plans to do you any harm. I may as well have the words “you deserved it" sunburned everywhere for all to see.

Also let me assure you with a warning: I do not purely work alone. I have a strong network banding a small part of the fan base currently running via discussions and messages (all is fine, by the way!) And no boasting intentional ever, they are supportive with discussions and some of my art as well. I will in no way stuff anything down anyone’s throats, no way. In fact at the time of discovering this adorable fellow, there was very few Twipsy art around that gave the guy a good name. A few even favourited and are thankful of having Twipsy’s memory honoured from the obscure. Even the wikia and research I do in between classes and studies is one I’d happily look back upon, considering at the time there wasn’t much accessible information for anyone to look up (not even the English language dub).

But I assure you, for those warning me not to get too obsessed with him, be it known: I know when to rest at times. Sometimes there’s a lull in submissions at times when it comes to recharging, and also I am in a Biomedical course (yes, my secondary academic focus) to help with “pulling back the reins”. But I’m otherwise healthy, happy and I would never cause and problems around here.

But deep inside, I hope that such a reputation on the shady site will not be the start of something stormy. I pray that I won’t be persecuted on this site by those who insist I am ‘bluffing’. I remain vigilant, strong, and perfectly sane enough to function, but now I need an Alla Seltzer to calm my jittery guts ready for reinforcement with iron.

And hopefully a stronger holiday season to look forward to.
Due to circumstances beyond control, I have no choice but to go on month long break. Extensive study period means no time for submissions... yet.
The first six months have been very hectic, and all the more unexpectedly, has contributed to my quasi-absence...


Yup. But if you ask me, it's a lot of work, and yes sometimes it's not always *that* glamorous, all you have to have is a straight face. But all in all it's interesting aspects, I'll say it's worth the run.

So don't panic, I'm still here in case you have questions or other enquiries. But coming end of June I'll have my hands full as I prepare for the next semester. which I'll hopefully send your way more sketches and pics!
Don't panic. If you want a piece of RL, have a look at the professional RedBubble page, where the "Best of RL" will soon arrive as a complementary range to say thanks.

Foamy holidays to you all!

Please... no more flashbacks!!! X.x
Zzzzzz... ? Oh? Awake?! Oh, hi there readers. Apologies for the dramatic snoozing on the journal front, but as you can judge from the gallery, so far, it's dramatically a lot. Bear with us, there's a lot more to come! :D

Expect sketches, full colour works, gags and written chapters, and watchers are also advised to pitch in and, for once, discuss the highlights so far; what's the best bits so far, and what else you might like to see when possible!

Foamy huggles,
Apologies for the lack of journal updates but as you can see I'm happily delivering you the best in art of interest (well, even as I'm chasing up projects and preparing for one busy career after finishing my studies, yay!). Here's to a resilient and joyful 2016, and who knows, something interesting would be round the corner!

With foamy huggles,
Because I don't want another May 21st flashback. >.<
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Long time ally :iconpogoqueen: has planned to publish a book of interest, and it helps if you can have a brief moment or two to have a look as well - you are free to tell other friends if you find this interesting.

<da:thumb id="536481338"/>

As with anything else, do not worry, I will resume blogging and submissions soon, as soon as I can get any web-life balance adjusted and all set.

With foamy huggles,
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I seem to have a lot of problems, apart from academic exhaustion and still strung out on fixing the plot line to the LS:DC fanfic (which, so far, is on its way through story boarding and beat sheet construction). And yes, as you can see through my gallery updates, bumping into an EXPO 2000 mascot - yes, Twipsy - is not one of them. The fact that he so remains obscure (and the fact any YT resources have been shredded before I could get my paws on them for evaluation) literally caught me off guard, hence so much research work on (it's for a good cause!)

But don't fret, I will be running back up to speed soon, and hopefully to make the most of #626Week. Speaking of which, I hope everyone has a wonderful #626Week wherever you are, and yes, celebrate however you like!

Here's to more offerings - be it blue fur or an orange paw - through the rest of the year!

With foamy huggles,

PS: Autocorrect... mrrrrrrrrr!
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Apologies for the late update, and my lack of activity on the site, as I am literally more occupied offline than online. However it's not without its triumphs. Apart from years of study in the realms of website design and graphic design (which could cross over to my art and other areas), I am pleased to announce, well... remember the fanfic project Digestion City?

I am officially back in the saddle again!

However, it's not without a couple of wounds of writers block, as well as figuring out which audience in the Stitchfan community I should target (sorry guys if it bothers you, I'm probably a Yuunaist apologist, but I'm actually neutral, bordering pro-experiment). I've got the beatlist to help organise all the information, all the way down to spoilers and research. But I have a feeling I'm in for quite another ride again, so well wishes for me.

As for the WOL4EVA project, unfortunately slowing down in the height of memorial season, I am not out yet; in fact, I'm working on another component in response to the recent events in the Norway pavilion (duh!). I'll tell you later.

So so if anyone has any arguments, defences, suggestions, discussions, etc. etc. blah-blah-blah-blah, spark one here. I'm happy to hear your views.

Foamy huggles to you all!
Apologies for not writing sooner, but I am writing with an exhausted but happy mind to wish you all a wonderful Stitchfan Season this year. And of course, the fourth birthday for Wonders of Life Eterna (if I recall correctly, lol) is not very far away, but I worry my head is drained of ideas for the time being (bloggers block can suck cherry cough drops for recovery, sigh) to make it this far.

So this time, well wishes for the end of June, and here's to a brilliant rest of 2014 (probably some of you might be looking forward to the Glasgow Commonwealth games in July), so go crazy!

With foamy huggles,
I know this is pretty useless to proclaim is, but due to a shift of time alone, it slipped my mind. A belated happy Yaarp day, and I hope I wrote this journal in time to honour the loudest amongst alien experiments!

Oh, and don't forget your earplugs!

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...just being very humorous and bubbly for the time being, but bummed as I have a workload so heavy, I'll probably need another coffee... Okay just kidding, guys.

It's officially May, so almost a quarter of the year has gone quite quickly, and especially while my energies have been unusually diverted to the following efforts – WOL4EVA, and studying graphic design in the city precinct – AND, it involves having to wake up early... and board a train to get there! I know this doesn't fit into the image of the page, but I'm thrilled to announce the little things that explain why I haven't been here for so long. But I'm doing well.

Mentalwise, followers who once delved into my gallery used to know I was planning a fanfiction project (DigestionCity, as working title disclosed), in which I have done a lot of revision during the years of 2009 and 2010 offline. (Wonders where all of the concept pages have long gone.) For some reason between bouts of bloggers block for WOL4EVA (I am still communicating with likeminders for inspiration and being featured), it seems to me that I'm getting back in the saddle again. Alas due to the drain of the study (who hasn't?), I can only go about planning inside my head, but I'm yet to draft it out on paper, and maybe discuss it with select followers (you can express interest here by sending me a note) for review.

Of course I have found the reason for being so down all of a sudden... Always, always, ALWAYS check your Vitamin D levels. Your mood will thank you! :D But considering the title of the journal, I guess I still have plenty of time to laugh (google search a part of it and you'll see why!) If you have any queries or just wondering what to do for the upcoming Stitchfan season (now I'm piped!), comment and discuss, I'm all ears!

Foamy juggles to you all!
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Again, my utmost apologies for not mentioning my absence earlier, but with respect to my current mental stability, I guess things have gone downhill from here. Don't worry, I'm still alive, and still weathering the doom and gloom and storms fogging up my brain. Exhaustion after a full two years of study, but in positive news, its all finished, but to pursue future options for me would be the equivalent of applying a brain to a stretching rack – numbingly painful, especially finding options that turn out to be... well, dwindling like icebergs.

But hopefully I'll make up for it in many skills. Recently taking art photography has also given me a second chance in case of arts block, and hopefully conditions permitting, I'll pick out my best shots for all to see, and hopefully to impress so. In the WOL4EVA department though, I've used my programming skills to present you the advent calendar, with some stunning badges, in which I will hopefully collate and submit onto this site, among other things I have accumulated for your enjoyment.

Alas, I still feel poorly, with the arts block, mood swings and mind fog leaving me with no choice but to slam my head into the desk and call it a life (painful to describe how low I am feeling by now) but I am happily seeking help, and I have heard all too long that another day of being alive is a struggle won, and I'm leaning on that. I guess exhaustion really can get the most of you, but on the plus side, I'm still her em even though I've been roaming elsewhere on the webs, I'm still here for contact, and rightfully so.

I'm going to leave this entry, wishing you all the best this holiday season, and while I haven't done much on this site to commemorate this year's season, I'll be brainstorming many ways to make it happen. Well wishes and messages of hope will be helpful (I'm not being selfish, but times are tough in the stability department right now, sweatsweat), and here's hoping I'll be healed and well come 2014!
Apologies if I have not written for almost half a year now, but it seems academic exhaustion has literally taken over me nerve and fibre. But I am not complaining as its the kind of work I may as well see myself doing.
But on the flip side, I'm actually coping quite well, even if I'm not as active on this site as I am on the newly opened site (the informational component operating in conjunction with the blog); believe it or not, I have taken pride in developing the graphics, as well as the hours of research out into some of the articles of interest a big risk, but who else seems brave enough to help?
So far, academic exhaustion has taken its toll as I haven't been doing a lot of fan contributions as often since last year, but hopefully I'll get back in the saddle again in time for Stitchfan Season this year (June 21st to 27th).
In the meantime, I have received dozens of deviantWatch chip ins and hence I would like to thank the following deviants who have subscribed to me and communicate in is way: shcar39, xXxDarkWarriorxXx24, velocistar127, mojokingbee1, BlazeDriver, whitefangcannibal666, itsJasonSensation, xVanillaStar,  :devangelghidora:, JumbaJookibaLab, pulchra-mortuus, CavemanBoo, Mixx-Beatz, KodyBoy555, gonepostal298, Pok3M0n-Lov3r56 and many others. It is a long list, but I have no qualms in leaving such appreciation unattended.
So for now, I'll be back at work offline, but hopefully with some contributions to hopefully interest you. Cheers!
Dear readers,

No update long time! A lot of work during college years has almost put a halt on my devArt page, but as you can see from recent postings and even some comments, I'm not all dead. In fact, I have a lot of stories to tell.
First up, there were two subjects that tickled my interest - PHP web design programming, and animation. Intrinsically, animation was a subject of interest, and in this case, I did a great job on one of its assignments (a 30 second short). PHP web design programming, not too much, but not long after wrapping up class and the assignment, I have begun to readily adopt it as a form of art building on it or else it disappears from my head.
Second up, I know everyone is freaking up with the 21/12/2012 date and its association with the end (I almost got startled on end dates almost a year ago). Of course, while it's handy to keep a sharp eye and prepare for disasters, here's some food for thought in case all the worst things didn't happen that day: "Happy Mayan New Year's Day."
Third up, they say laughter is the best medicine, but for some reason, my interest in (wait for it) Robot Chicken (adultswim's famous stop motion comedy sketch show) appears to be intoxicating. Of course, your mileage may vary (crass humor being a sore thumb there), but some of the sketches, take it or leave it, are apparently pure gold, come to think of it. Such as the infamous "brain on drugs" advert which doesn't just end with a smashed kitchen...
But all in all, during the summer holiday recovery phase in which preparation for the new year (well both ways) and another year of education (yawn) but its still business as usual over at WOL4EVA, with a few new articles popping up every now and then. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in filling them out or sharing them:

And that ends probably all that I have to say about this holiday season. So, best wishes, enjoy the holidays and have a safe, healthy, prosperous new year ahead!

With foamy huggles,
Sorry, long time no update readers.

It's already September (or the end of it thereof) by the time of writing this entry, and my lack of updating of journal entries is due to an increased workload (however I still have some time left to comment and submit a few works every once in a while!)

I'm wishing you all the best for a happy, safe and enjoyable Epcot30 season (save for the heart wrenching announcement of Wonders of Life facing an uncertain future; a petition is making the rounds to hopefully kick start a fight to preserve its legacy through to giving it some much needed love and improvement!) and extra honourable wishes for those too far away or unable to attend the festivities over there (sadly me included!)

Of course, the academic year has only one more month to go, and with it a heightened workload, worth sweating away over due to a couple of enjoyable subjects (animation, yay!) worth adding to my portfolio!

Any who, best wishes, and apologies for any delays, but I'll pop by every now and again on how things are going. Overall, thanks for the favourites and kind comments, and all the best this October (birth month, yay!)


With foamy huggles,
Dear Readers,

It is with a contented heart that already, the countdown for Stitchfan Season has begun, and for even more special reasons - this year would mark the 10th anniversary of the Lilo & Stitch franchise, and from there, according to the Lilo & Stitch fan community, there are some hits and misses. From outside the fanbase, you can clearly mention that " those years, we have some successes... and some failures..." (I'm sure that we all know what we mean by that). But all in all, since the moment the blue furred alien have won our hearts from the start of the 21st Century, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who have just bumped into him, or grew up with him or even there's the odd person who's rather resistant to him, but as says the tagline from the original movie, "there's one in every family".

So this month, it's time we looked back and pondered on what could have been much better with regards to the franchise, and especially what it feels to be within the fanbase. Of course, I might be able to construct a survey right now directed towards you within the L&S fan community, with a first-round deadline of until June 24th (so the results can be collated and turned into an infographic, how about that?!) I'll provide the link later on this journal entry once the survey is constructed.
NEWS FLASH: The survey is now online, click here to get started!

Also in other news, the first university semester is over, with only one exam on the horizon (the only dreaded but fully-headed part of the semester). Which explains only a few uploads were made so far this year, but do not despair, there is a whole lot of work going on offline, popping up in the most unexpected places, and so much more. I'm still open for comments, questions, or even a few requests/shoutouts (I'll utilise them in case I get arts block or probably have very little to do any second now.)

In the meantime, best wishes this Stitchfan season!

With foamy huggles,